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Swankologie was born out of a deep desire to inspire and empower fellow salon business owners. I am thrilled to share the secrets and strategies that have led my business to not only survive but to truly thrive and flourish over the years.

My hope is that through Swankologie, you too will discover how to overcome challenges, unlock your full potential, and experience unparalleled success in your salon business.

"My heart aches when I see a fellow stylist striving hard to make ends meet, yet unable to..."

I am Vernessa Mathurin, and I have been serving customers for over two and a half decades. I have encountered numerous positive and negative situations during this period. My heart aches when I see a fellow stylist striving hard to make ends meet yet unable to avoid dissatisfied customers, overextending in working hours, and being disheartened.

My clientele comprises 90% repeat customers, and I have increased my business while not compromising the quality of service to my customers or myself. My business has consistently provided me with an annual raise that supports my lifestyle.

Like what you hear, then why not you?

Let me share with you how to create an atmosphere conducive to a successful, relaxed, and tranquil environment that will keep your appointments full, your customers content, and your time well-managed.

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You’re part of an incredibly talented group of creators. At Swankologie, we want you to flourish and succeed! Let’s transform your business and soar to new heights!